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On Sun, 17 November, 2013 - 12:00
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THIS LONG film, which can be downloaded from Vimeo*, explores the extent of Triratna Buddhism and tries to combine breadth with depth. I’m interested to know how it succeeds. As someone wrote:
From a community living in Australia to solitary retreat in New Zealand, from a train journey through Eastern Europe to a nursing home in Manchester, from a new Centre in Paris to someone’s personal myth in Finland. The film’s charm comes from its simple honesty: there is a delightful quality of understatedness, letting you draw your own conclusions.
The·Rain·Bow is the fourth and last part of Earth Rising Heaven Descending
*Go full-screen, click on Vimeo. If you enjoyed it please consider making a donation:

Here, to help you navigate, are chapter timings:
00:00 Previously in the series

03:50 Stupa on Maori land

05:46 Doctor in the city

07:01 Getting away

09:12 International flavour

11:48 Paris

13:21 The bush

16:44 A journey begins

18:53 Water dragon

22:51 Country ways

24:53 Northern rock

25:55 Suburban Melbourne

27:14 Berlin community

28:53 Auckland, New Zealand

31:46 Somewhere in Poland

33:50 Dharma study

35:55 Solitary retreat

39:15 Working for others

43:17 A French conversation

48:18 Order weekend on sea

53:82 Tending the garden

55:31 Walking meditation

57:41 Dr Newton (Siladasa)

01:00:40 Breakfast

01:02:01 Translating the Dharma

01:04:06 Berlin spreads wings

01:07:28 Odessa, Ukraine

01:11:47 White swan/black swan

01:15:10 Ordination

01:17:37 Fairy tales

01:19:24 Bedridden

01:25:03 Sangharakshita

01:26:17 Evening ritual

01:28:55 Moving on

01:30:46 A new name

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