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Reaching India, for instance

On Fri, 29 November, 2013 - 23:08
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A FRIEND in Lucknow, India, Rajesh Chandra has asked an interesting question:
What is the response of your four volume Buddhist documentary films which I translated in Hindi?
I’m afraid I have yet to find a means to reach Hindi speakers or readers. The films, the History of the FWBO series, covering the early years 1964 to 1979, have been available in DVD with several languages built in, have been for several years. That includes Hindi for which Rajesh was a phenomenal translator. Nowadays they can be accessed through the internet, view or download, and though it’s not difficult to put foreign language versions in the same place, there’s been no call.
In truth, I have no way of getting them to market in India. Then there is another question: would this story mean much in the Indian context - even though the cycle begins and ends in that country? When I started interviewing in 1989 I was not at all interested in nostalgia. I wanted to convey a heroic tale - of daring, experiment, trail and error and I hoped the events would inspire others to do similar things. Perhaps the European mindset is too different to those in other places, for instance USA or India. I really don’t know. Hopefully, someone might be willing to feed back their ideas or, preferably, their experience.

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