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Holy Lanka

On Mon, 19 February, 2018 - 21:21
Suryaprabha's picture

My trip to Sri Lanka January 2017 was a chance for me to try shooting 4k with a Sony AX100 camera bought second hand just days before the flight from London. So an experiment. Edited, and even sound edited, on FCP X. Altogether a new and, um, interesting experience. More so than the holiday itself, perhaps, because I had noone to share the trip with, though I did enjoy a few days spent with Jinasena at his wonderful restaurant in the international traveller resort of Unawatuna.

The rock face Buddhas at Buduruvagala are unusual as they represent a mahayana perspective. Though there’s no reference to it in the film the International Buddhist Museum in Kandy, a sort of nationalistic encyclopaedia, was quite interesting to wander around, but the temple of the tooth seemed best avoided by this traveller.

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