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On Wed, 8 August, 2018 - 15:20
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Another Lights in the Sky film is in being made.

It is about Sangharakshita and friendship. There are two distinct elements: 50% his life as a series of friendship stories, the narratives are his own words, read offscreen by an actor*; 50% documentary interviews with people in different relationships to him. 

* Uniformity of delivery plus great audio quality is good for intelligibility, intimacy and empathy.

If you can please support the production by going to

A great film begins when you leave the theatre

There are a lot of people appearing in this film. On the one hand, Sangharakshita describes teachers, artists, co-workers, carers, friends, relatives, intimate companions, students and strangers he’s known over nine decades. On the other, points of view and experiences from the same wide range of people interviewed for the film. As usual I aim to be entertaining as well as sticking to facts (but then I think visions and dreams can be facts). I am hoping for a mid 2019 release. Suryaprabha.