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Great Ocean

On Sat, 6 October, 2018 - 23:33
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‘Suryaprabha’s subtle visual means of conveying his message is an important contribution to the arts in [Triratna].’ 

Friendship is the lifeblood of our movement and Sangharakshita’s example is its source. But there is no real record of his friendships, and as time passes chances to create it diminish.  What is needed is a film about Bhante and friendship.

‘I am grateful for your very skilled, beautiful hard work. Yes, your videos are very important to me, to us all - important even in ways we cannot fathom.’ 

I am asking for funding, £4,500 to be exact, to make it happen. Can you help? £20 will cover a day in the studio. 100 days are needed. £50 covers filming an interview, 20 interviews are needed. £1,500 is the cost of a new work station.  I am working towards a Summer 2019 deadline for the first version.