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Filming Assheton Gorton

On Thu, 8 May, 2014 - 00:07
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Alexey Moskvin and I had the pleasure of filming an in-depth interview with the legendary Assheton Gorton, production designer of Antonioni’s Blow Up, Ridley Scott’s Legend and Richard Lester’s The Bed-Sitting Room.
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I have just learned of Asshton’s passing. I had a brief friendship and deep respect for him when I was the location manager for THE FRENCH LIEUTENEANT’S WOMAN ijn 1980. I moved away from the UK shortly after and now reside in Bwerlin and France.

I would be very interested to view the filmed interview with him, and also to learn of his connection to the Buddhit Centre. I moved to France to take part in a Buddhist community in South West France 16 years ago.

Many Greetings

Barry Beckett

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Hi Barry, thanks for your interest. I met Assheton just the once to film an interview on behalf, not of ‘the Buddhists’, but of my union BECTU’s history archive. This is the tool to find it though unfortunately it turns up zero which, I discover, is to do with the site being in the process of upgrading. They tell me it is there somewhere. Best wishes, Suryaprabha

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Hi Barry

I’ve just been informed that Assheton’s interview is now online

All the best