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A visit to the English Sangha Trust Text Post Munisha 27 April, 2017
Amsterdam: vacancy for a Professor of Buddhism Text Post Munisha 28 July, 2020
Bodhimitra International Lay Buddhist Forum 2020 Text Post Munisha 10 June, 2019
Buddhist Teachers in Europe at Adhisthana Text Post Munisha 20 October, 2018
Buddhist weddings consultation: England and Wales Text Post Munisha 04 November, 2020
Buddhists in Europe and COVID-19 Text Post Munisha 26 March, 2020
Call for workshop proposals: Western Dharma Teachers' Conference Text Post Munisha 11 January, 2021
Death of K.R. Norman Text Post Sadayasihi 16 November, 2020
EBU online conference: Death and Dying from a Buddhist perspective 24th April 2021 Text Post Munisha 25 March, 2021
European Buddhist gatherings 2019 Text Post Munisha 21 November, 2019
European Buddhist Union condemns abuse by Buddhist teachers Text Post Munisha 10 December, 2020
European Buddhist Union Conference 2018 - call for papers Resource Munisha 06 September, 2017
European Buddhist Union magazine: summer edition 2020 Text Post Munisha 18 August, 2020
European Buddhist Union weekend 2017 Text Post Munisha 17 October, 2017
European Buddhist Union weekend at Adhisthana Text Post Munisha 20 October, 2018
Faith for the Climate Network: Speaking out on Climate Change Text Post Vishvapani 11 July, 2019
Friendship as the future of Buddhism: talk to European Buddhist Union conference: 'Buddhism in Action' Resource Munisha 03 April, 2016
Full reports from the Shakyadhita conference 2019 Resource Munisha 03 September, 2019
Generation X Dharma Teachers' Conference 2019 this weekend Resource Munisha 14 June, 2019
Interested in Buddhist chaplaincy (UK)? Resource Munisha 30 October, 2020
International inter-Buddhist conference marking 60 years since Dr Ambedkar's conversion Text Post Munisha 14 May, 2016
Is Triratna's equal ordination really unique in the Buddhist world? Text Post Munisha 22 March, 2016
Jamyang London Celebrates Black History Month Text Post Munisha 16 September, 2020
New Buddhist union for Ireland Text Post Munisha 16 May, 2018
New Triratna text for European Buddhist Union website Text Post Munisha 15 May, 2016
Survey: calling Buddhist chaplains in north America! Text Post Munisha 10 December, 2020
The Gen-X 2019 Podcast Resource Candradasa 28 June, 2019
The Time is Now: Mass lobby of UK parliament 26th June Text Post Munisha 20 June, 2019
Triratna reports from the European Buddhist Union meeting 2020 Text Post Munisha 25 September, 2020
Triratna Safeguarding talk at the German Buddhist Union Text Post Munisha 20 October, 2018
Triratna's women on the Buddhistwomen.eu site Text Post Munisha 25 October, 2016
Two PowerPoints about Triratna Resource Munisha 29 March, 2016
Vatican greetings for Buddha Day/Wesak 2020 Resource Munisha 23 April, 2020
Vesakh Greetings from the Vatican Text Post Munisha 01 June, 2021
Video impressions of EBU conference 'Buddhism in Action' Video Embed Munisha 16 August, 2016
Video report from the European Buddhist Union weekend 2019 Video Embed Munisha 27 November, 2019
Want to post to this Liaison space? Text Post Munisha 17 October, 2017
Women of Faith: International Women's Day at BMAG - 2 Image Post Munisha 26 April, 2016
Women of Faith: International Women's Day at BMAG -1 Resource Munisha 26 April, 2016