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Interested in Buddhist chaplaincy (UK)?

On Fri, 30 October, 2020 - 09:57
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A message from the Buddhist Chaplaincy Support Group (UK) for those interested in finding out more about training as a Buddhist chaplain.

“Dear All,

We are pleased to contact you about opportunities for interested individuals to attend a course to find out more about what Buddhist spiritual caregiving/ Buddhist Chaplaincy is about.

This is the ninth consecutive year (2011-2020) and all these years we have been working hard to develop suitable support for those who wish to offer help as a Buddhist spiritual caregiver / Buddhist Chaplain to others in a wide range of difficult circumstances including in hospitals, hospices, education, armed forces, industry etc.

We are writing to let your community know about the 2020 Buddhist spiritual caregiver / Buddhist Chaplaincy Training programme that includes an element of Mindfulness Instructor that we are offering in London. This is a condensed course that can be completed within 4 days; 14th, 15th and 21th, 22nd November 2020 (over two weekends) over on Zoom this year followed by a half a day session at the Buddhist Community Centre UK when the Covid situation improves.

Please contact me in the first instance so that I can send further details if required.

Please find attached an application form for those of your members
interested and do feel free to contact us with any questions at all.

To secure your place at the training, may I please ask you to send me
the application form at your earliest convenience please?

We hope that through this work, more of those following the teachings
and practices of the Buddha will be able to offer their help to those in
need especially at these uncertain times!

Very much look forward to hearing from you soon! May all beings be well!

Best wishes,


Miss Sandu Dushmanthi
Project Development Manager
Buddhist Chaplaincy Support Group (BCSG)
Kalyāna Mitra”

BCSG is on Facebook 


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