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Dear Mitra,

Hello and welcome to the support page for GGE (gratitude and giving evenings),

GGE’s are a mitra led initiative for promoting Gratitude in our movement for what we’ve been given and an encouragement to pass that on.. These stand alone evenings, which are really enjoyable explorations of the dharma in their own right, are run by Mitra’s in their mitra study group. They conclude with encouragement for Mitra’s to pass  on what it is they have been given by giving money to Futuredharma fund and their local centre for dharma work . We hope that GGE’s will be run by mitra’s in their mitra groups throughout the U.K. (and beyond), and your participation in helping to make this happen  is vital, so great that your considering taking this on. 

On this page you’ll find all the support material you’ll need for running a GGE in your mitra study group.

The best place to start is with the welcome letter ‘Mitra letter’ (addressed to yourself) which will give you a general welcome and overview of what the evening consists.

Next please orientate yourself to the protocol for permissions list. This rather grand sounding title is just a check list of the relevant people you’ll need to consult about running the evening. 

First please contact me if we haven’t already spoken to let me know your interested in running an evening.

Then there are two letters introducing GGE’s:

The first is for your local mitra convenor and / or local fundraiser.

The second is for your Mitra study group leader.

The rest of the downloads are materials you’ll need to run the evening.

The teachers notes + links to downloads of video content.

There is also going to be training mornings to run through the evening with you, with you as participant so you can experience the workshop firsthand before presenting it in your group.

The first of these workshops will be at Adhistana on the Futuredharma training weekend 9-12 Nov 2017, and the second will be 10-1pm  25th Nov 2017 at the LBC.

If it’s not possible to come to either of these meet ups then we will devise a way between us to set up another chance for you to come to a workshop, maybe with a mitra in your area who has already run an evening. 

You can contact me at:


Again great your involved and actively helping to spread the Dharma,

Love Maitrinara