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Why do a Karuna Appeal you may ask...?

On Tue, 8 July, 2014 - 11:45
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Well….you’ll have an opportunity to meet inspiring people like those featured in this Clearvision video who are supporting Karuna Trust projects in India.

We are welcoming applications to join a 6-week Karuna Men’s Appeal this autumn (6th Sept to 18th October) led by Karuna’s very own fundraising hero Sanghanath.

Michael Smith (from the Ipswich Sangha) is a Karuna Fundraiser (who was on the Karuna men’s spring appeal earlier this year) says​:

”I was promised a challenging, life changing experience. I wasn’t disappointed. I took my practice off the cushion and into the world, and the benefits stretch further than just for me….”

Michael will be on the team for the Autumn Appeal. Here’s what he says:

“Meeting the lovely people of this world who have compassion makes the prospect really enticing.​…”.

If you’d like to join Michael and Sanghanath on the Karuna 2014 autumn appeal, please call Sanghanath on 07508 963431

Karuna Appeals
Deepen your spiritual practice
Work, meditate, study, and play
Receive a generous support package, and
Experience community living

t: 0207 700 3434
e: appeals [at]

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