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On Wed, 4 March, 2020 - 15:00
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Our Appeals are nearly around the corner and we are looking for Volunteers.

Each year for the past 40 years Triratna Buddhists have engaged with the transformative dharma practice of fundraising on a Karuna Appeal. Where we live together in community, practicing right livelihood by fundraising for The Karuna Trust.

It’s within this urban retreat like experience that we meet ourselves and others more deeply and learn to see our habits with a deeper kindly awareness. There’s a magic that happens when you are part of something more than just you and work together as a team with a vision to benefit others.

On appeals, what I see happen, is a journey of authentic connection of self and other,  where we allow ourselves to change and be changed. It’s the being reflected back by the people you meet that helps awareness to grow and deepen.  It’s where we can loosen the gap between self and other and in doing so become less and less tied to our own narrow interest.

Last year Frances, one of our telephone campaign fundraisers, shared her experience of the appeal: “I have come away from these six weeks with a profound sense of gratitude that I took part. I have a commitment to the Dharma that I have not felt before. I see tangible changes in my behaviour, mental states and the way I see and interact with the world and a new excitement to be alive. No retreat, or amount of meditation has had this effect on me”.

Read Frances’ Reflections on the Karuna Telephone Appeal

I’ve seen this happen for people over and over again and it’s wonderful to witness. I ask you to consider giving it a go this year! It could be amazing!

If you have questions give me a call on 0207 6973017

With metta


 If you’re undecided, some further information that may help:

  • To know more about what it’s like to do a Karuna Appeal visit our website 
  • You’ll get financial support if needed, as well as excellent training, dharma study, meditation, workshops, mentoring and, to say thank you, a week long Triratna retreat.
  • Appeal programmes are supported by fantastic trainers and dharma teachers. Last year our fundraisers benefitted from Jnanavaca, Amalavajra, Singhasri, Vandanajyoti, Kusaladevi, Akashamitra, Karunagita, Jayaraja, and lots of other teachers offering enrichment and training.


2020 Programme (all based in London)


6th June - 18th July

12th September - 24th October


18th April - 30th May

25th July - 5th September

Not able to live away from home? - Perhaps a Telephone Appeal could be a good fit. 


25th May - 3rd July 

To make appeals happen we need you to say yes! 


If you have questions, get in touch or visit the website for more details.

E   appeals [at] karuna.org

T   0207 700 3434


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