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On Wed, 15 May, 2019 - 16:30
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It’s Akashamitra here from Karuna. I’m a programme manager, and as such work very closely with some of the projects Karuna funds. I’ve been working with ITBCI school for the last 4 years, regularly visiting them in Kalimpong, and supporting the school with their work.  As many of you will know, Bhante’s main teacher Dhardo Rinpoche founded the school in 1954 to support some of the poorest children in India, many of whom had recently come over the border from Tibet. 

These days the school works with more than 225 children from many different communities – Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Bihar, but the need is still as great as ever. The school offers a subsidised education to children from extremely poor backgrounds, most of whom come from families where parents are either unemployed or are engaged in casual day labour – earning a pittance irregularly for what is often back breaking and degrading work. Without ITBCI their children would be condemned to the same fate, but with the education the school provides, the cycle of poverty and hopelessness can be broken.

The school also places an emphasis on keeping the childrens’ diverse cultures alive through the arts such as dance, music and theatre. In this way children receive a cultural as well as an academic education and an atmosphere of mutual respect and fraternity pervades the school. I’ve been consistently impressed with ITBCI’s work and ethos over the years and their dedication and faithfulness to Dhardo Rinpoche’s vision of “Cherish the Doctrine, Live United, Radiate Love”. 

This Wesak we are running a campaign to raise £15,000 to support the ITBCI school and I wanted to call on the sangha to help us meet this goal.  Please consider a one off donation or help spread the word about this fantastic school.

You can find out more at www.karuna.org/itbci

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