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Happy Buddha Day from Karuna USA!

On Sat, 6 May, 2023 - 14:41
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As a non-profit inspired by Buddhist values, today is an important day for us. We celebrate the Buddha’s enlightenment or awakening on the full moon of May.

The Buddha woke up to the truth of his own and other’s suffering on a deep, existential level. A key part of that experience was understanding that he could play a substantial role in alleviating others’ suffering.

In our humble way, we continue this legacy of compassion and altruistic service in support of those in need. This is integral to who we are and is even captured in our name, ‘karuna’ which means compassion in action. Compassion not just for a select group, but compassion for all who are suffering. This is why we work with a range of local partners serving communities from a range of religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Talking about awakening of potential, we want to highlight the role of girls in changing their society. Dalit and Adivasi (indigenous) girls in particular face multiple forms of disadvantage, yet they are central to long-lasting change. That’s why girls’ education and preventing early marriage are key priorities for us. An empowered girl will go on to shape her family - present and future, her community and society at large.

And join us today in celebrating the potential we all hold within us to transform our own and the lives of many others.

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