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Come get some Karuna Sangha in 2014

On Tue, 17 December, 2013 - 13:02
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Raising money for Karuna is a great way to create Sangha. Check out this fab video made by Clear Vision

Sanghanath, Karuna Appeals leader says “I have benefitted from Karuna’s projects as a child. I have changed and I see people in India changing thanks to Karuna’s work. We are building dignity, self-respect and challenging the caste system.
Karuna appeals and the fundraising training are about being real, authentic and letting go of the stories we tell ourselves.
It’s an opportunity to practice the metta bhavana…whilst challenging ourselves and making friendships on the team.
It’s not just about you and me, it’s about something else. It’s real kindness.”

To find out about Karuna’s 2014 fundraising campaigns visit the Karuna Appeals website

“I had such fun, I felt such joy, I cried tears…there was the most satisfying and fulfilling sense of achievement and connection with myself, the team and the wider world.” Jodie (Phone campaign fundraiser)

Raising money for Karuna is a great way to join Sangha. You can:

Deepen your practice - through teamwork in retreat-like conditions

Work, meditate and study - with like-minded people

Help to alleviate suffering - in some of the poorest, most disadvantaged communities in India

Receive a generous support package - so that you’re not out of pocket

To find out about Karuna’s 2014 fundraising campaigns…..
Call Bodhiketu or Nisha on 0207 700 3434
email appeals [at]
Join the Karuna Fundraisers Sangha on Facebook
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