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Womens' Community Opportunity near the Birmingham Buddhist Centre

On Thu, 12 January, 2017 - 08:33
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Womens’ Community Opportunity near the Birmingham Buddhist Centre

This is an exciting and unusual opportunity for women who are dedicated to their practice of the dharma, and who are interested in living in a Buddhist community to take this deeper in a more intense, collective context. 

We are two GFR mitras, both in our mid-twenties and are looking to have conversations with other mitras, order members, and friends that are interested in community living. We are looking to set up a small community near the Buddhist centre in Birmingham, which is easily accessible on public transport. We are very keen to hear from women of different ages, locations and backgrounds- our only stipulations are that you are enthusiastic about community living, and happy to live with animals! We are also open to hearing from those who may identify their gender as non-binary.

We currently share our home with a non-buddhist friend, 2 cats, a house rabbit, a gecko and 2 degus, and have outdoor ferrets. All of the above will be part of any community that we set up(except the non-buddhist friend), so a love for animals will make your experience more pleasant.

At present we are hoping to move around mid-March, although this is flexible depending on the needs of other potential community members. We would value the opportunity to speak with anyone who might be interested in setting up and living in a women’s community in Birmingham, so please do get in touch.

Merry: amazonianmerry [at]

Vicky: [at]

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