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TBRL and Community living at Taraloka...

On Sun, 2 February, 2020 - 20:53
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Transform!  Have fun!  Serve the Dharma!  Taraloka offers a unique context for women to live a full time Dharma life of service and  transformation in a vibrant inspiring community.   Join us - come for 6 months, or give us a try for 1—2 years or longer.

Participate in the Operations Team’s shared practical work, as well as managing your own key work area.  Work areas include administration, finance, gardening, DIY/ maintenance /decorating, cleaning and cooking.  You will need to have a full, manual UK driving licence and be able to work full time.

Open to women training for ordination and Dharmacharinis - so do mention it to others you know.

Contact Maitrimati to explore possibilities: maitrimati [at] or 01948 710 680.  Application deadline:  29th Feb 2020