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open space in Cambridge women's community (UK)

On Sat, 20 February, 2021 - 16:53
Sarvatajnana's picture

Are you interested in Community living? Are you an order member or TFO mitra? We are looking for a fifth women to join us - Liz, Sarvatajnana, Vidyasakhi and Viryajyoti - in the Abbey House women’s community in Cambridge, UK.

We share the ‘The Old Abbey House’ with a men’s community. There are separate community living spaces and we share the lobby, gardens, laundry room and shrine room. We are a short walk from the Cambridge Buddhist Centre and river.

When we formed the community, we shared a strong wish for it to be a home for all of us, accommodating and supporting our busy lives. This continues to be the underlying ‘community spirit,’ and shapes our living together.

Outside of the pandemic, our community is ‘open,’ meaning we welcome friends, sangha guests and visits from family, in balance with needs for quiet times and community time. Since March last year, Abbey House has been closed to visitors, though. We are expecting this to continue for some time.

We are aware that our current situation would work best for women with a fair bit of practice experience, self-reliance and spiritual friendships.

If you interested in finding out how to apply, please email us and we will send you further information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please email us at:
abbeyhousewomenscommunity [at]

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