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FutureDharma Fund: Support Care Manager (0.5 FTE) and Programmes Assistant (0.5 FTE)

On Thu, 5 September, 2019 - 10:07
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FutureDharma Fund: Support Care Manager (0.5 FTE) and Programmes Assistant (0.5 FTE)

In the last 3 years FutureDharma has grown to support around 40 international projects. Currently our core team consists of Nandavajra, Amalavajra, Viryanaga and Patrick, who is looking to move on later this year.

FutureDharma is therefore now seeking inspired, engaged and motivated people to join our exciting and harmonious team. Two part-time (0.5 FTE) roles are available, which could also be combined into one full-time ‘person and projects’ focused role, for the right individual.

Amalavajra (Fundraising Director) and Viryanaga (Programmes and Finance Director) are both based in South London, which has become a hub for the team’s activities. We therefore have a preference for London-based team members, particularly for the Supporter Care role, where close team working with Amalavajra as lead fundraiser is necessary. However, remote working individuals that could attend monthly team meetings in London would also be considered. The Programmes Assistant role will work closely with, and be line-managed by, Viryanaga.

Both roles are permanent, and can offer flexible working hours. They would suit an Order Member or committed GFR mitra, as the team aims to provide a rich context for spiritual development through the practice of right-livelihood, including support for ordination training. 

FutureDharma can provide a negotiated needs-based financial support package, including reasonable expenses, retreat allowance and pension contributions.

Full job descriptions and an application form can be found attached. We expect to interview for these posts on Monday 14th October, in London. Alternatives may be possible.

nandavajra [at]

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