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Could you be the International Movement Coordinator?

On Tue, 23 August, 2022 - 15:28
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Since the inception of the International Council (IC) no single person or organisational body has held responsibility for, or held an overview of, the international Movement strand.  The international Movement comprises six geographical Areas, each of which has various levels of internal coordination but little cross-area communication. Consequently, the structure of the international Movement has remained relatively undeveloped in comparison with the structures of the Order and College.  The Order has two international Order Convenors, an established and effective network of Order Convenors, and frequent conventions.  Likewise, the College has Public Preceptors in different Areas of the world, and regional Ordination Kula and College meetings, which enable ease of communication and collaboration.  The most established Movement strand structure is the European Chairs Assembly (ECA), which serves only two of the six Areas.

The overall vision and purpose of the International Movement Coordinator role is to:

  • Hold an overview of the international Movement
  • Communicate between the International Council, the international Movement strand, and other Triratna structures, as well as between the Movement strand and the Order and College strands.
  • Coordinate the international Movement strand
  • Strengthen and consolidate the Movement strand within and between different Areas of the International Council
  • Promote the vitality and growth of Triratna internationally
  • Develop the role and scope of the International Movement Coordinator role

The Order Member in this role will sit on the IC Steering Group, ‘representing’ the movement strand (alongside the Indian Movement Coordinator), as well as various other, mostly-online meetings to help join up the global movement. They will take an active part in the Communications working group and take an active interest in the movement’s growth and consolidation. They will contribute to the evolution of a more coherent, truly international vision for Triratna which will, ​​in the longer-term, encourage greater ownership, participation, and growth in Areas beyond the UK, Ireland and Europe. 

The International Movement Coordinator will act as a communication conduit to and from the International Movement whilst also creating other means to facilitate the flow of information and inspiration within and between the different Areas of the International Movement and other Triratna structures. They will work closely with the Communications Working Group to develop and implement an overall communications strategy.  They will also work towards establishing a focused and coherent digital presence on TBCO for the Movement strand.

They will take overall responsibility for the collection and analysis of international Movement-wide data to inform the development of responses to universal Movement needs.

They will initiate interventions and strategies to further develop, consolidate, and grow the Movement.

They will work closely with the International Order Convenors, the Chair/Deputies of the College, and other key role-holders to ensure that their initiatives and strategies for the Movement are fully integrated into IC overall strategy.

They will, given their knowledge and privileged position at the hub of the international Movement strand, provide an informed international Movement perspective to various Triratna-wide working groups and initiatives such as the Communications working group, Commonality, Sikkha, Safeguarding, Future Dharma Fund etc.

They will, as the benefits of the role become obvious, actively seek to shift responsibility for its funding away from Future Dharma towards the international Movement strand itself.

The successful candidate will receive financial support along the lines of those employed by FutureDharma and the ECA, based on the real living wage. They will be supported in their work by the IC Convenor and, to a lesser extent, others on the IC Steering Group.

Please send expressions of interest in writing to convenor [at] by 14th September 2022. 

Interviews will take place the week starting 26th September and we hope to have someone in place as soon as possible after then.

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Happily, this post has been filled by the wonderful Jnanadhara from Dublin. Congratulations to him, and to us!