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The Coogee Beach Lighthouse

On Wed, 11 September, 2019 - 02:43
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Want to be part of an exciting and beautiful Dharma project?

For years I’ve dreamt of creating a place in Coogee Beach where Buddhists can live in community whilst sharing spaces for short stay residents. 

Coogee Beach is a premier Sydney coastal suburb an easy throw from the CBD and International and domestic airport. It is prized by travellers and locals alike. Each summer we host many thousands of tourists from all over the world. 

And the building I’ve dreamt of acquiring for such a purpose is the one pictured - you can also follow this link for more details:…

The vision is to create an ‘Urban Temple’ - a Triratna institution that offers love and light to the people of Coogee, of the world! This gracious old Italianate mansion could be  a lighthouse to the world of Bhante’s vision. 

The building currently comprises of 12 self contained flats

We would live and practice the dharma together and invite both short stay visitors and the community to practice alongside us and engage with the precious dharma. 

What we need are people like you to invest. You can invest and come live with us or invest and get a financial and spiritual return. 

The property would be collectively owned by a Triratna Trust and you’d be a key player in shaping and nurturing the vision.

For more details please email Dharmalata 

coogeemeditation [at]

also visit our website:

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Great idea and it looks like a lovely property. I’m afraid all my pennies, cents, pounds and dollars are going toward finding a property in Oxford, UK, for our sangha here.


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Thanks Padmakumara …. send your merit in lieu and invoke the devas on our behalf …