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Contributing Content, Social Media & Promotions Editor (with light admin)

On Wed, 22 December, 2021 - 00:07
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Are you a passionate Dharma practitioner who’s also into Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter? Good! We are too. We believe the Buddha goes where the people are, and the people are on their phones.

Dharmachakra—publisher of Free Buddhist Audio, The Dharma Toolkit and The Buddhist Centre Online—is looking for a magic, dynamic being to come and help us take our social game to the next level without compromising our values or our deep Right Livelihood roots. We know social platforms want to make money rather than spread the Dharma—but we know we can hack the feed…

Stories are all that matter online, and we have some great Dharma stories to tell. Can you help us tell them bigger, bolder, even more beautifully to reach tens of thousands of people around the world?

You’ll be working as part of our admin, content and promotions team on everything from podcasts to live online retreats; newsletters to blogs; YouTube to MailChimp to Snapchat. Not just promotion—also developing new ways to get the Buddha’s message across to a world that badly needs it. And you’ll be using/learning systems like Slack and Trello to help us keep our house in order as we redevelop our platforms for the next decade.

Profile preferred:

  • Super confident on a range of devices (phones, tablets, computers)
  • Deeply familiar with mainstream social networks and with preparing creative online media
  • Strong writing and editing skills + a good eye for a picture
  • Imaginative + practical + good communicator = great team member 🖤
  • Confident and comfortable on multiple messaging platforms
  • Happy to collaborate, happy to take initiative
  • Excited at the possibilities for online storytelling that the web opens up
  • Alive with the Dharma and opportunities to go deeper in Right Livelihood
  • Happy to muck in when needed, willing to learn
  • Self-motivating, self-organizing, reliable, and flexible of heart and mind


  • Part-time or full-time, depending on support needs; minimum of 3 days per week to begin, with a view to expanding to full-time. 
  • Starting January 2022. 
  • Flexible support package with generous retreat/holiday allowance
  • Great, well-resourced and supportive Right Livelihood team (with 10 other beings!)
  • A chance to work with others at the cutting edge on Triratna live events and be at the heart of our community’s Dharma conversations
  • This position is open to any experienced Mitra or Order member within the Triratna Buddhist Community
  • Dharmachakra is an equal opportunities employer and we actively welcome applications from all as we aim, whenever possible, for a gender-balanced team that is also reflective of the broader community in Triratna


Applications, with relevant CV/resumé, to: team [at]

Closing date for applications: January 10th 2022. 

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