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Bodh Gaya opportunity - supporting Nissoka

On Thu, 6 October, 2016 - 09:53
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Bodhgaya opportunity

Greetings. Nissoka is looking for somebody to come to Bodh Gaya in India for 2 months from mid-January 2017 until Mid-March. He needs someone to support him with travel and whilst being there.
He has the beginning stages of Huntington’s disease and chronic back pain. He gets government money to help him with his support and can pay a wage of £2,000 for the trip. You will need to pay for your own air fare and expenses out of this, but the rent whilst in Bodh Gaya is not much as we stay at the Triratna Three Jewels centre in Bodh Gaya.
For more information please contact Nissoka at dhnissoka [at] or 07817072616
May all beings be touched by the deep peace of the Buddha’s awakening under the great Bodhi tree.


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