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Assistant to the International Council

On Mon, 14 January, 2019 - 15:55
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Assistant to the International Council

We’re looking for an Order member to work full time for the International Council. It’s a job where you’re really at the centre of things, supporting the work of the International Council, and working closely with the Steering Group and the International Council Convenor. You’d be involved in the preparation of these international meetings, and the implementation of the projects of the International Council, which currently involves a vision and strategy consultation for Triratna internationally; the development of a conflict resolution process; and a review of Triratna’s teaching and training through the Sikkha project. You’d have a particular responsibility for developing effective ways of communicating the work of the International Council to the Order and Movement.

You’d have good project management skills and experience; be self managing and motivated and, because communication is at the heart of this job, you’d have effective online and in-person communications skill. 

The position is located at Adhisthana, where you will be part of the community. The support package is in line with Triratna guidelines. 

If you’re interested, and would like more information and a fuller job description, contact Shubhavyuha at internationalcouncil [at]

The closing date for applications is February 28th. Interviews will take place in March.

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