International Retreat 2014

What Is A Retreat?

On Tue, 6 May, 2014 - 13:32's picture
A retreat begins with a choice: to take time out from your usual routine, and instead take up the chance to meditate, study and reflect on the Buddha”s teachings with like-minded people, often in beautiful, peaceful countryside. Triratna has different retreat centres running different “styles” of retreat, such as emphasising meditation and silence, or study, or retreats for families.

The International Retreat offers a special opportunity: to gather with people from all over the Triratna world — in large numbers. Being on retreat with many people is inspiring, and gives a deep and moving sense of the wider Triratna community.

There will be a daily programme of meditations, talks, and ritual, interspersed with meals and free time for walks or meeting up with friends. It is your choice how much of the programme you join in with, though participating as much as possible helps you receive - and, through your contributing presence, give — the greatest benefit.

Details of Triratna Retreat Centres around the world
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