International Retreat 2014

Travel and Translations

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Arriving and Leaving
Feel free to arrive from midday on Friday 23rd May, especially if you are camping. It’s good to have time to arrive and put up your tent etc. There will be tea and food available from early evening.

The event ends after lunch on Tuesday 27th May.

Translations and visitors from overseas
We will provide translation facilities for those who don’t speak English as a first language. Please contact your local centre for details.

Adhisthana is on the edge of Coddington village, about five miles north of Ledbury. Coddington is a tiny village, and we’d like to inconvenience our neighbours as little as possible by keeping road traffic to a minimum. Traveling by rail to nearby Colwall or Ledbury is fairly easy. If you need to travel by road, then please consider car-sharing.

By plane
The nearest international airports are Birmingham, followed by Bristol. Trains take about 1 hour 30 minutes from Birmingham International airport to Colwall, and about 3 hours from Bristol airport to Colwall.

By Train
There are frequent trains from Birmingham and Hereford to Colwall or Ledbury (both about 5 miles from Adhisthana), and a few direct trains from London to Ledbury. You can plan your train journey and buy tickets at National Rail Enquiries.

We will also provide a shuttle service to and from the train station and retreat. This will leave Colwall station at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm on Friday 23rd May. Please state if you are travelling by train when you book, as this will help us plan the shuttle service.

By Taxi
You need to book a taxi by phone to meet you from Ledbury or Colwall stations as there are no taxi ranks. Ask to be taken to Coddington Court (the taxi driver may know it as Coddington Court School).

If you are arriving at Colwall, try Colwall Cabbie 01684 540717.
If you arrive at Ledbury, try Ledbury Taxi Service (one vehicle) 01531 633596 / 07836 777196.
or Venture Taxis (3 vehicles, including 2 suitable for 7 and 8 people.) 01531 633822 / 07889299283.
The journey to Coddington will cost approximately £10. There are more taxis at Great Malvern, but the journey will cost more.

By Car
Here are some detailed driving instructions from the Adhisthana website.

Lift Sharing
We have our very own page on the Freewheelers website, where you can offer or request lifts to and from the retreat. If you can offer lifts it will really help!

Parking Facilities
There will be parking facilities, but please also think about sharing cars with others from your centre, or, better still, arranging a coach or minibus form your centre, as this is better for the environment.

Please note that for safety reasons you will not be able to drive your car around the site.

Tourist Information
If you’d like to book your own off-site accommodation for the retreat, please contact the local tourist information office at Ledbury:
Ledbury Tourist Information Centre,
38 The Homend,
Herefordshire HR8 1BT
+44 (0)844 567 8650

You can also search for local accommodation on the official UK tourist board website.

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