Triratna International Gathering 2017 - What The World Needs Now

Sunday at the International Gathering

On Mon, 28 August, 2017 - 20:09
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On our last full day we heard from Triratna Hungary, with a presentation from mitra Tibor Derdak of the Dr Ambedkar High School, which offers gypsy girls and boys a way out of poverty and discrimination. As he said, quoting Subhuti, if the Buddha were to walk down the street in Hungary today, everyone would assume he was a gypsy.

Dhammamegha gave us an excellent talk on the importance of sangha and friendship: ‘Wisdom’s gathering: the difference that makes the difference’. Listen to the talk. (Video will follow.)

By way of light entertainment, actor and musician Ratnadhya afforded many of us an hour of hysterical laughter as he galloped and romped (with piano and song) through a series of parodies on well known classical pieces. As a performer, Ratnadhya is more widely known as Michael Lunts.

Meanwhile, the Abhayaratna Trust’s regular afternoon tuck shop sold wholesome sweets and men in red T shirts magically appeared bearing free doughnuts.

Helped by Jayaraja, the children gave us a very funny account of the Buddha’s meeting with a raucous yaksha, after which, as it got dark, a sevenfold puja took us into the world of Avalokiteshvara, including a mantra which suddenly seemed to develop magical richness. See what you think.

The puja ended with an offering sung by Arthasiddhi and the International Gathering choir, who have rehearsed every afternoon in the library.

Listen to an interview with the weekend’s three main speakers.

And here are their talks again:
Prajnaketu: The Return of the Bodhisattava
Arthakusalin: Everything of worth is defenceless
Dhammamegha: Wisdom’s gathering: the difference that makes a difference -