The 2012 Triratna International Retreat

Gautama Buddha (a series by Vishvapani)

On Sat, 2 June, 2012 - 16:01
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This is the first in a significant series of talks by Vishvapani from last year to launch his book ‘Gautama Buddha – Life And Teachings Of The Awakened One’ (Quercus, 2011). This superb five-talk series from Free Buddhist Audio highlights various key themes woven into the legendary accounts of the Buddha’s life and the historical records of his great vision of reality that have come down to us through the ages.

Bringing a broad cultural awareness and a depth of personal practice to bear on his subject, Vishvapani’s biography of Gautama takes us into the world he inhabited, offering glimpses of the Buddha’s personality and exploring his relationship with nature and his own society as evidenced in the earliest Buddhist texts. The insights afforded into our own conditioning and cultural context are both profoundly revealing and challenging.

The talks are supplemented by a bonus recording of a fascinating discussion between Vishvapani and renowned psychologist Dorothy Rowe on ‘Buddhism, Science and Reality – How Can We Understand Ourselves?’. Essential listening by any standards.

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