Triratna International Gathering 2017 - What The World Needs Now

"Embodied Yoga' workshops with Vidyadasa

On Sat, 13 May, 2017 - 20:59
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Embodied Yoga Principles Workshops (EYP)  - Led by Vidyadasa

On the International Gathering Vidyadasa, from the Brighton Sangha, will offer two Embodied Yoga Principles workshops.

Embodied Yoga develops awareness, acceptance and an intentional approach to life which we can follow through into taking action in our life.  We’ll practice postures to develop qualities that we need on a daily basis. 

Classes will include some regular hatha yoga postures (which you may be familiar with if you practice Yoga) and specific Embodied Yoga Principles postures to develop particular qualities e.g clarity, care, kindness, resilience, focus and breadth etc. 

EYP is a fun, explorative and powerful way of practicing yoga. 

It can be emotionally intense - it includes practicing individually, and in pairs, and includes sharing of personal self observations - in pairs, small groups or the whole group.

A powerful tool for looking at your personal patterns and changing your life for the better. 

P.s it integrates well into Buddhist practice.


About Vidyadasa

He is an Embodied Yoga Principles and Hatha Yoga Teacher, Embodiment Facilitator.

Vidyadasa has been practicing Yoga, Meditation and Buddhism for 25+ yrs, which he has shared in classes, workshops etc for 10+ years.