Alchemy of the Dharma


On Thu, 22 August, 2019 - 12:01
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Development Team

The International Gathering 2019 is about to start. 
A team of people have been working joyfully to prepare and set everything up. Each day’s work was started with this dedication-ceremony, created by Polly from verses about Padmasambhava, which expresses the spirit of creating the event and welcoming people to it.

There is no teacher like the Buddha
There is no protector like the Dharma
There is no field like the Sangha

May we follow the Three Jewels with a devotion as constant as the flow of a river
And observe the precepts which are like the earth,
May we assimilate the thought of impermanence in the stream of our being,
Even if our act of giving is as small as a single sesame seed may we give with bodhicitta.

May the supreme and precious bodhicitta
Take birth where it has not yet done so;
Where it has been borne may it not decrease
Where it has not decreased, may it abundantly grow.

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