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On Fri, 28 August, 2020 - 13:41
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On Saturday the 29th, the International Council will begin their 2020 meeting online.

Representatives of the College, Order and Movement across all six geographical Areas of Triratna will be gathering to consider their priorities and live themes in the Order and Movement, as well as exploring together different aspects of the Bodhicitta Meditation in community practice sessions.

Together, they will discuss:

  • revisiting the ICs four key strategic priorities in the light of the global coronavirus pandemic and the increased awareness of social, environmental and political engagement, with opportunity to ask what else we might need to prioritise in the new environment
  • supporting a culture of effective communication and greater harmony across our order and community through:
    • completing the work of developing a shared, set of buddhist values regarding if or how we, as a spiritual community, relate to social, political and ecological issues
    • hearing stories from Order Members of Colour, to support an exploration of the implications of the current race conversations for how we engage with diversity in our Sangha
  • updates about issues of international relevance, focusing in particular on what is needed to support implementation/discussion/communication in our own areas - this will include Conflict Resolution; Commonality; Communications and the summary of the work of the Adhisthana Kula.

You can +follow the meeting here on the International Council space, where we will be posting a series of short video podcasts with a couple of the members each day, to keep you updated and in connection with the meeting.

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