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Day Three at the International Council 2016

On Thu, 4 August, 2016 - 20:05
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Today the Council looked at Triratna’s System of Practice.

The day began with collective practice of the Manjughosha stuti sadhana in front of Sangharakshita’s Manjughosha rupa which watches over the atrium of the Sangharakshita Library. (This is a visualisation meditation practice given to Sangharakshita by his teacher Jamyang Khyentse in October 1957.)

In the morning session, Dhammamegha presented the Sikkha Project, intended to deepen our understanding of what and how we practise and teach within the Triratna community, and develop an explicit shared framework to talk about it. 

Listen to a recent 15 minute interview with Dhammarati about the Sikkha Project.

Explore more material on Triratna’s System of Practice.

This afternoon delegates had a choice of three workshops:

  • Teaching the Dharma with young people (Prajnaketu, Young Buddhist Co-ordinator)
  • Learning and teaching styles (Singhashri)
  • Reflecting on questions raised by the Sikkha project presentation (Dhammarati and Dhammamegha)

The day ended in the shrine room with a song about Dizzy Gillespie evoking friendship, followed by an invitation to rejoice in friendships. People spoke movingly and spontaneously about their friends until we concluded with the Manjusri mantra, bringing us back to the meditation we’d performed together in the morning. A lovely way to end a day…

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