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Day five at the International Council 2016

On Sat, 6 August, 2016 - 23:10
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International Council members woke today to the best kind of lush, golden Herefordshire summer morning: pigeons cooing; deep green oak trees in full leaf.

The day was devoted to the theme of conflict resolution and related matters. Dhammarati presented the document “What is a Triratna Buddhist Centre?” As the result of the Council’s first-ever worldwide consultation, this is a landmark.

Saddhaloka introduced new draft model ethical guidelines for the Order and Munisha introduced the latest version of the model ‘Safeguarding’ documents regarding the protection of children and vulnerable adults. Both provide support and guidance for the Order but are also important as public statements of our values and standards.

A session modelling a successful conflict resolution process based on a real-life example from a Triratna centre was followed by lunch in hot sun. Then there was time to meet in Area groups, as well as an optional group offering more detail on child protection.

The evening’s “cultural evening of fun”, compèred by Dassini and Candradasa (aka Little Pom-Pom) was given over to song, poetry, games and downright silliness including Munisha’s Very Special Talent and a spontaneous Argentinian tango performed by Paramabandhu and Jnanadakini accompanied by Jnanadhara on the ukulele.

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