International Practice Week 2018: 'Turning Arrows Into Flowers'

Day 3: Transforming Adversity into Awakening

On Mon, 24 September, 2018 - 04:00
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Centre Team

Yashobodhi is our guide for this year’s Dharma immersion online and at Triratna Centres around the world as part of the 2018 International Practice Week. 

Day 3 and point 3 brings us to the great challenge of what to do when things go wrong in life: how to respond in a way that supports greater peace of heart and mind; how to overcome suffering and use its energy for transformative good, particularly by moving away from a strategy of blaming ourselves or others that always fails to set us free.

If you have any comments or questions about this point or the retreat itself, let us know in the comments here and we’ll try to respond.

With thanks to West London Buddhist Centre.

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Thank you so much for your talks. Yashobodhi, which touch me, make me smile, and think as they resonate within. You make wish I could just move to London to experience all this in real life so to say. with lots and lots of metta from Germany


yashobodhi's picture

What a lovely response, Mischa. So glad you enjoyed the talks. I enjoyed recording them. Love from London and maybe see you here at some point