International Practice Week 2018: 'Turning Arrows Into Flowers'

Day 2, Part 2 - Training in Absolute Bodhichitta

On Sun, 23 September, 2018 - 04:01
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Yashobodhi is our guide for this year’s Dharma immersion online and at Triratna Centres around the world as part of the 2018 International Practice Week. 

Point 2 of the lojong mind training being explored this week has to do with how to practise ‘Bodhichitta’ (the deep, realised wish for all to attain liberation of heart and mind), introduced in the first of today’s three talks.

Here Yashobodhi draws out the “absolute” aspect of this work, examining how reflection on insubstantiality – that nothing can be truly said to have an irreducible essence – is a gateway to freedom when undertaken in the right conditions.

If you have any comments or questions about this point or the retreat itself, let us know in the comments here and we’ll try to respond.

With thanks to Yashobodhi and West London Buddhist Centre.

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