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Lockdown project at Bhandoop Mumbai Video Embed tejadhamma 16 January, 2021
International Womens Day in Learning Club Image Post tejadhamma 10 March, 2020
Reaching Lock down affected poor Video Embed tejadhamma 22 April, 2020
Urgent help needed in India in Lockdown Image Post tejadhamma 25 May, 2020
Need more help in extended lock down period Video Embed tejadhamma 23 April, 2020
Increased number of people who need help Video Embed tejadhamma 22 April, 2020
Solidarity with India: A Session of Meditation and Puja from the Manchester Buddhist Centre Text Post upekshapriya 02 May, 2021
Celebrating Dr Ambedkar's birthday in an Indian home during lockdown Video Embed vajratara 14 April, 2020
Celebrating the Conversion of Ambedkar to Buddhism, and the start of the Dhamma Revolution in India Text Post vajratara 23 September, 2019
Remembering Bhante in India Video Embed vajratara 03 November, 2018