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5 Years of the Buddhist Centre Online: #10 Revived Indian Buddhism Text Post Sadayasihi 25 October, 2018
50 Years, 50 Voices: Amitamati and Ratnadeva Resource Candradasa 29 August, 2018
50 Years, 50 Voices: Amoghasiddhi Resource Candradasa 11 September, 2018
50 Years, 50 Voices: Ratnakumar Resource Candradasa 17 May, 2018
50 Years, 50 Voices: Vijaya Resource sucimani 24 October, 2018
Art Retreat - Oct 19 Image Post Saddhammapradip 14 October, 2019
Aryaloka Computer Education India Image Post aryaketu 30 July, 2018
Aryaloka Computer Education, Janjgir Champa, Chhattisgarh, India Image Post aryaketu 02 May, 2019
Aryaloka Computer Education, Raipur centre, Chhattisgarh, India Image Post aryaketu 02 May, 2019
Case story of Aryaloka Computer Education Image Post aryaketu 30 July, 2018
Celebrating the Conversion of Ambedkar to Buddhism, and the start of the Dhamma Revolution in India Text Post vajratara 23 September, 2019
Creativity in Shrine Image Post Saddhammapradip 15 October, 2018
Dhammacharini Retreat - Oct 19 - Milerapa Image Post Saddhammapradip 19 October, 2019
Dhammacharini Retreat - Post Ordination - Dhni. Shubhajaya Image Post Saddhammapradip 09 October, 2019
First One Month Retreat for Young Women in India Video Embed Sadayasihi 03 December, 2019
Full reports from the Shakyadhita conference 2019 Resource Munisha 03 September, 2019
Fundraising Concert Held in Pune Text Post Ramesh Babar 06 June, 2018
Hindi talk by Pragyasakhi in order day at Nagpur Video Embed tejadhamma 08 October, 2018
In Bhandara District, New Learning Club opened Image Post tejadhamma 14 August, 2018
In The Alchemist's Crucible (Triratna International Gathering 2019) Talk Centre Team 03 September, 2019
International Buddhist Youth Convention 2020, Bodhgaya-India Text Post shettyuttam 18 July, 2018
Karuna Contribute to Report about Links between Caste and Poverty Text Post Sadayasihi 08 April, 2019
Kojagiri Pornima Image Post Saddhammapradip 24 October, 2018
Manjushri Learning Club classes continued Image Post tejadhamma 04 September, 2018
Mens GFR Retreat Image Post Saddhammapradip 15 October, 2018
Mitra Study Retreat Image Post Saddhammapradip 15 October, 2018
My tribute to Bhante, filmed the day after he died. Video Embed Vidyaruchi 15 November, 2018
NNBY paid rich tribute to Bhante Sangharakshita. Image Post atishnnby 10 November, 2018
NNBY Youth Convention 2018- Amravati (MH-India) Text Post shettyuttam 03 July, 2018
NNBY Youth Convention 2018- Bandhara (MH-India) Text Post shettyuttam 14 June, 2018
NNBY Youth Convention 2018- Gondia (MH-India) Text Post shettyuttam 14 June, 2018
Opening Ceremony by Khemadhamma Image Post tejadhamma 26 April, 2019
Ordination at Nanded Text Post Karmavajra 21 October, 2018
Ordination Process for men and women in India Text Post kumarajiva 31 May, 2018
Paying tribute and rejoicing in the merits of Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita's life Image Post Saddhammapradip 09 November, 2018
Paying Tribute to Urgyen Sangharakshita Video Embed tejadhamma 09 November, 2018
Personal Safety Education Training Image Post aryaketu 03 August, 2018
Picnic of village children Image Post tejadhamma 12 December, 2017
Pilgrim's generosity helped project Image Post tejadhamma 06 September, 2018
Podcast - Concluding thoughts at the end of the ECA, Summer 2019 Talk Sadayasihi 30 July, 2019
Podcast - The Wonderful Problem Talk Sadayasihi 18 December, 2018
Public ordinations at Hsuan Tsang Retreat Centre, Bordharan, India Text Post Sadayasihi 21 October, 2019
Public Ordinations at Saddhamma Pradeep Retreat Centre, Bhaja, India Text Post Sadayasihi 07 May, 2019
Remembering Bhante in India Video Embed vajratara 03 November, 2018
Sakyadhita Conference: Gender Equity for Monastic and Lay Buddhist Women Text Post Sadayasihi 19 August, 2019
Some new Sketch by Ranjit of Retreat Center Image Post Saddhammapradip 15 October, 2018
The Indian Restorative Pilot Project Text Post Sadayasihi 04 March, 2019
Triratna India: Dhammamitra Diksha Ceremony Video Embed Sadayasihi 04 February, 2019
Welcome Programme organized for New Order Members Image Post tejadhamma 14 October, 2018
Winners of Learning Cub Bhandara. Image Post tejadhamma 04 October, 2018
संघ शिविर भाजे Text Post Karmavajra 01 August, 2018