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Into the Valley of Being: Meditation and Movement Workshops with Jayachitta

On Wed, 7 April, 2021 - 12:27
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A series of meditation and movement workshops – join us for a celebration of connectedness, lightness and relaxation in a spirit of play!

Sundays, 2 hours
2nd May, 9th May – Into the Valley of Being
30th May, 6th June – A Celebration of Connectedness

Each workshop will be done twice to accommodate time zones. Get one ticket and come to as many sessions as you wish!

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First session: IE & UK 09.00 | Europe CET 10.00 | India 13.30 | Australia AEDT 18.00 | New Zealand 20.00

Second session: US PST 10.30 | US EST 13.30 | IE & UK 18.30 | Europe CET 19.30 | India 23.00 | Australia AEDT 03.30 | New Zealand 05.30

About the workshops
These interactive workshops will use embodied exercises from dance and improvisation to support meditation practice. They give us an opportunity to deepen connection with ourselves and with others through easy elements of movement, in the spirit of play and joy to guide us into embodied presence and interaction.

Together, we will explore how to suffuse our meditation and practice of the Dharma with more lightness and relaxation. The four workshops are divided into two sets: “Into the Valley of Being” and “A Celebration of Connectedness” – they are part of a connected series but you are welcome to come to any session you wish.

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Jayachitta has followed a Buddhist practice since 1981 and is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 1990. She has lived and worked with other Buddhists for a lot of that time. Jayachitta has a deep love of performance and the infinity of human expression. Improvisation, movement and exploring the clown are very important to her as additional approaches to the spiritual life, as they are based in physical expression and play. She sees them as an interactive way of entering and exploring the space that one discovers in meditation. It’s in that spirit of play that we can discover who we are and can be.

She has also worked in the world of dance and theatre – which is where her teachers in improvisation come from (Andrew Morrish, John Britton, Kate Hilder and others). She holds an MA in Applied Theatre, and has studied physical theatre (after Jacques Lecoq) at Kiklos Scuola in Italy.

Jayachitta lives in Berlin, but loves to travel (when possible!) and has been teaching in the UK, USA, India, Holland and Germany. She has led retreats involving improvisation and clowning and meditation at Dhanakosa (Scotland) regularly since 2008. For more information see

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