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Loving-kindness and your relationship with yourself...

On Mon, 4 November, 2013 - 12:36
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Upekshadaka, from the Ghent Buddhist Centre in Belgium, shares how the practice and development of metta (loving-kindness) has changed his life. He describes the effect on his relationship with his father, with his work, and, most of all, on his relationship with himself. Metta allows him not to hide his weaknesses, and also not to hide his strengths and qualities. And having that kinder relationship to himself transforms his relationships with others.

This is the second 10-minute talk from different practitioners from around the world that we are posting in the run-up to the urban retreat that starts Saturday, November 9th.
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Dear Upekshadaka,
Thank you for sharing your deep connection with Metta and the effect that opening your heart towards yourself has led you to an openness of heart towards others.
Personally, your glass wall resonates with me and I too have discovered that metta takes you to new territories which sometimes can be challenging but equally have a transformative experience. I too am chipping away the glass wall, by bringing gentleness and kindness towards myself hopefully with a view to soften those hard edges.
Compassion training - sounds really interesting. I wonder if you could expand on the courses? Perhaps, you have a link?
Thank you again for your talk.
Much Metta,

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Thanks for a great personal talk You really gave me some thoughts about Metta to reflect on. I really enjoyed your talk and especially the description of the puja with padmasamhava present. Also inspiriring to hear how you been working on your self metta in order to be more loving kindness to others. Lots of Metta from Sweden/Peter Milton
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Thanks very much for sharing. Like so much of the Dharma, it all makes perfect sense! If we are more kind to ourselves, we will (should) be more kind to others. I find myself fretting when in the course of a normal day I might have an unkind thought towards others, the guy who cuts in front of us in the line for the taxi or the lady speaking loudly and with an irritating voice on her cell phone sitting next to me in the airport waiting a flight. It’s those times I hope the retreat and the practice of Metta will lead to kind thoughts! Your conversation is a good start to the dialog we are about to have, thanks and may you be happy and well!
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Thankyou for sharing so honestly, I am heart-warmed by your experience
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Such a touching and beautiful talk, thankyou Upekshadaka.

Here in the Sydney sangha twelve of us have just finished our first day of joining and practicing together on the always special Urban retreat. All that metta in action will soon be winding it’s way around the globe, and it’s lovely to think of all of us deeply human beings, on retreat, in our lives, together. Thanks for all the wonderful resources, I look forward to making the most of them.

warm wishes ~ Lisa
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Thank you for sharing your experiences so honestly - you’ve really encouraged me.
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Hi Upekshadaka, that was a beautiful and moving talk, thank you so much.
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Hey Brother

Greetings from Manchester. You embodied in your talk alot of what I love about Triratna. Which is an honesty
about that which we find difficult and learning to trust that those places need our attention and love. And an appreciation of our potential, a confidence in our strenths. And that to really grow and change we need both.

Thank you for your courage in sharing

Love to you

Arthaketu x