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Introducing the theme of the urban retreat: loving-kindness

On Tue, 29 October, 2013 - 13:14
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Here is a short little story to introduce the theme of the Urban Retreat, which is ‘metta’ or loving-kindness…

It is the story of an encounter I had in my home town that inspired me and taught me about the need to cultivate, learn, and practice loving-kindness…
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What I find beautiful about this story - is that you can’t think your way through metta - Metta is quite simply spontaneous feeling/ action - as we see from the young woman who kindly intervened - Metta wasn’t thought - it was spontaneous action – that is the beauty of it. We can think Metta - but in the end we have to feel the fluttering of the heart - we have to feel the heart open. But of course thinking Metta will help us - but it can also get in the way. One of my ways in - is to think of something that just opens our heart - and all of us can remember something that has moved us in our life - what does that feel like in the body - what happens in the body - we are disarmed and open - and outpouring of metta flows.
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This made me think (once again) of the times that I have had an opportunity to be positively spontaneous in my reaction and that I have thought my way out of doing things - come up with all the reasons why my actions aren’t feasible or practical. This has been an on-going practice for me for many years. The fear of taking the wrong action in a difficult situation can paralyze me into taking no action at all. When I simply react with metta, I know that I am doing my best - and feel no paralysis and no fear.
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Actions speak louder than words…. a constant refrain in my house…especially in regard to my children. Of course they need to be able to tell others they love them but when they act on their positive emotions wonderfull things can happen. Thanks for sharing.. I will try and attend the Urban Retreat online from New Zealand.
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Thankyou Vajragupta, very inspiring, will try to remember this the next time I feel a reaction trying to take me over.
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I thought that the people considering the topic of Vajragupta’s thought-provoking story might appreciate this story of a bus driver who prevented a woman’s suicide in Buffalo, NY earlier this month.

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what a beautiful encounter!
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Thanks for your inspiration in setting this up for us Vajragupta. I hope you feel encouraged to know that this retreat has been pitched to the Coogee Meditation Group here in Coogee Beach Sydney.
We’ll be on board with you all. I’ve given our sangha short notice but hopefully I’ll be joined by a few others here and it will complement our current study of ‘Living with Kindness’ by Sangharakshita nicely

Biggest metta ever

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Thank you for sharing this story Vajragupta, it is certainly inspiring and is a great example of how we can aspire to bring metta into the world. Looking forward to more tidbits like this on the retreat!

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Thanks Vajragupta, really inspiring story. I often feel I’m not skilled or kind enough to be like that young woman, but I know that metta bhavana helps - and we never know when the moment will come when we will be able to act in some kind way.