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Loving Kindness - Blazing Like The Sun

The Urban Retreat 2013 is now over but makes a great 8-part course on metta (loving kindness). If you took part you can still view all the posts including comments. But we’ve also made the retreat materials publicly available so anyone can follow or run the course anytime. See the public teaching posts here. If you need further access or assitance please feel free to get in touch.

Do you aspire to meditate, and be able to live with a more open heart and spacious mind? But can you also find this difficult amongst all the demands and busyness of daily life?

This course (originally run as an “urban retreat” designed to help you practice the Buddha’s teachings effectively as you go about your day) comprises a full set of online talks, teachings, led meditations, and other resources on metta (loving kindness).

The theme is “blazing like the sun”: how can our hearts be more overflowing with kindness, compassion, confidence, and love of life? How can we find the “freedom of heart” that is loving-kindness?

Whichever level of experience you are at, at each stage of the course there will be plenty of ideas and support to help you engage creatively and intelligently with the meditation practice, and to incorporate it into your daily life.

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