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The Twelve Days of FBA! Day 1: 'Radical Kindness in a Violent World' by Viryajyoti

On Sat, 26 December, 2020 - 09:00
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2020 has been a year in which our practice of the Dharma has been called upon time and time again. Witnessing this, our first talk (recommended by FBA’s podcast curator, Viriyalila) is called Radical Kindness in a Violent World by Viryajyoti, given at Cambridge Buddhist Centre, UK.

This is a beautiful talk, exemplifying a spirit of engagement with life that knows how transforming the world must begin with each of us. The pandemic and its many challenges ask us to strengthen our practice of deep kindness, towards ourselves and all beings. Listen to Viryajyoti and be encouraged – you’re not in this alone!

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