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The Twelve Days of FBA (2020) - Day 8: 'Evolution or Extinction: Current World Problems’ by Sangharakshita

On Sat, 2 January, 2021 - 06:00
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And today’s jewel in our Twelve Days of FBA celebration is selected by Sanghadhara, the most recent addition to the Dharmachakra team, who joined us in 2020 to bring his prodigious video skills to the project; helping us reach even more people on the fast-changing web!

Sanghadhara offers a classic talk by Sangharakshita entitled ‘Evolution or Extinction: Current World Problems’, given in 1971 and still deeply relevant today, 50 years later. This talk has been curated into a series entitled ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ offering inspiration and perspectives for reflection at a time of political instability and division in the West.

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