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Tuesday Meditation: Blazing Loving-Kindness

On Mon, 12 March, 2018 - 10:31
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This series of five sessions will be a journey into focused positive emotion. We’ll be using the framework of the Metta Bhavana and modifying it to draw in the other Brahma Viharas and deeply explore individual relationships to create some extra intensity around the practice.

Our meditation sessions begin at 2:30pm ET / 7:30pm UK
Session Dates: Mar 6, Mar 13, Mar 20, Mar 27, Apr 3 

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Khemabandhu's picture

Does the link work for you? It doesn’t for me.

Amitasuri's picture

No, James, it doesn’t work for me either

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Hi James and Amitasuri, sorry to hear about the link troubles. We just tested it and it does seem to work, though it may be device-dependent. On an iPad it opens the Hangout app to The Buddhist Centre Online eventspage, where one can then connect. In a web browser it should do the equivalent. You may need to install the Hangout app or browser plugin.

You can get a set of Hangout help instructions here.

Khemabandhu's picture

On my iPhone 6 (with the Hangouts app installed), the link doesn’t work. It takes me to my past hangouts page.

Anyway, I’m not in need of connecting (I got involved trying to get my mum connected). I just thought you might like to know that the link doesnt work for a lot of people. If an (ex-)computer nerd can’t get it to work, I imagine many others can’t either

All the best with it! I think the online meditation classes are a fantastic resource.

Centre Team's picture

Hi James, how odd! Well, we may switch platforms as the Hangouts links have proven consistently sketchy since Google changed the nature of Google Plus. Thanks for the feedback!