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Triratna Highlights Newsletter - June issue

On Fri, 13 June, 2014 - 19:59
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Did you know that you can get a roundup of all the month’s best content from The Buddhist Centre right in your email inbox? It’s true! By signing up for the Triratna Highlights newsletter you’ll have easy access to the biggest events and some of the most interesting content posted from the Triratna Community each month.

If you aren’t familiar with the newsletter, you can have a look at the newly-published June issue online. Then we encourage you to sign up to receive updates each month by email!

How do you do that, you ask?

If you don’t have an account with The Buddhist Centre Online yet, you can create one here - be sure you check the box that says “Newsletter sign up”.

If you already have an account and forgot to check the box, it’s easy to go back and fix that. Simply log in, then click on the link that says “my profile” when you place your cursor over your name in the top right of the website. From there you can click the “edit” tab and check off the box to start getting Triratna Highlights each month.
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