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A Stupa For Dhardo Rimpoche

On Fri, 21 February, 2014 - 21:09
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At Aryaloka in New Hampshire, USA, they’re in the middle of a wonderful new project - to build a great stupa in their grounds dedicated to Dhardo Rimpoche

Read an interview about the new project

The Stupa Project has its origins in a dream long-cherished by Bodhilocana, a well-loved member of the Order and of the sangha at Aryaloka. Although Bodhilocana passed away in 2011, her inspiration, enthusiasm, dedication, and strong connection with Dhardo brought people together, and now the aim is to finish her work. Suvajra in the UK kindly provided some of Dhardo’s ashes to be enshrined in the finished stupa, Bodhilocana’s friend Viriyagita is spearheading the effort, and a locally resident, trained Tibetan stonemason has been found to build the stupa!

Hear Viriyagita speak about her involvement and meeting the present tulku of Dhardo Rimpoche.

When it’s finished, the hope is that the stupa will be dedicated by the present Dhardo Tulku, who was able to bless the site last year on a visit to Aryaloka. Listen to an interview with Dhardo Tulku, including details of relics he also brought for the stupa.

Dhardo Rimpoche and Sangharakshita developed a strong friendship over the many years Sangharakshita lived in Kalimpong. It was through this friendship that they both realized the transformative and transcendental nature of spiritual friendship, which is one of the key practices in the Triratna Buddhist Community. And it was from Dhardo Rimpoche that Sangharakshita took his Bodhisattva vow - you might say that our Triratna Buddhist Community exists today as the enactment of that vow!

Listen to Sangharakshita share thoughts on his friendship with Dhardo Rimpoche.

If you’d like to help build the stupa, for the benefit of the world, make a donation today!

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