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Sky Beyond the Clouds: A Guide to Befriending Difficult Emotions

On Tue, 29 December, 2020 - 17:24
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A four-week course with Yashobodhi

Sundays: January 24th, 31st, February 7th, 14th
Each session will be done twice to accommodate time zones. Come to either session each week with your ticket!

First daily session (2 hrs):  IE & UK 09:30 | Europe CET 10:30 | India 14:00 | Australia AEDT 20.30 | New Zealand 22.30

Second daily session (1.5 hrs): USA PST 11:00 | México 13:00 | USA EST 14:00 | IE & UK 19:00 | Europe CET 20:00 | Australia AEDT 06.00 (next day) | New Zealand 08.00 (next day)


About the course
The teachings of the Buddha are incredibly pragmatic and relevant for our times. It is said that they are all about finding a way out of suffering. We suffer from our difficult emotions and the Buddha points to a way out, through and beyond. By training ourselves to turn towards our difficult emotions, getting curious about them and exploring their nature, we can train ourselves to befriend them. In this course we will be following a step-by-step approach to developing and strengthening this skill.  

What to expect
The two-hour zoom meetings will be a combination of presentation of the different topics, interaction, guided short meditations and discussion of the home practice. You will receive an email after the session with links to relevant articles, audio recordings of the session and a reminder to the home practice.

Find out more and reserve your place: take the first step!

My inner world is a much more fun and kinder place to be since the last course. Thank you for making my life better. I will be forever grateful.

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