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Show, Don't Tell - Communicating the Dharma Through the Arts by Sarvananda (video)

On Fri, 18 September, 2015 - 19:40
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As part of our recent coverage of the Arts event ‘Conscious Surrender to the Beautiful’, which took place at at Adhisthana, we brought you a recording of Sarvananda’s excellent and, at times, hilarious talk ‘Show, Don’t Tell - Communicating the Dharma Through the Arts’.

Usually audio recordings of talks are an ideal way to revisit them - and since Sarvananda is a great radio man (he writes plays for radio in the UK) audio as a medium seems a particularly good fit. However, as anyone who was there can attest, this particular talk had some visual elements that mean video is ideal. Ventriloquism really isn’t quite the same without it!

Thankfully our good friends at Clear Vision have produced this version. Now you too can witness (or re-live) the joys of Sarvananda doing his ‘stand-up tragedy’ act and singing that splendid ukelele Dharma song…

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