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Retreat at Keffolds, 1972

On Fri, 12 July, 2013 - 19:28
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Going around over on Facebook is this great video from the early ’70s featuring many of the early pioneers of the Triratna Buddhist Community. The film was made by Steven Burckhardt and Victress Hitchcock.

Here’s what Kamalashila, Buddhafield’s President, had to say about it:

“This is how it was - and in many ways, is still. 1972, the year I discovered Triratna. Beautifully made with fascinating clips of such luminaries as Subhuti, Dhammadinna, Graham Sowter, Nagabodhi, Vajradaka and many more. Some of the mini interviews reminded me of Young Triratna events nowadays, and Bhante who was around so much in those days.

Beautiful people. Mangala… Manjuvajra… Ananda, Mangala and Padmaraja bantering with Chanda in the kitchen at Aryatara… Padmaraja looking spiritual with a joss stick… Nice camera work. Khema having a peaceful fag… Zengo and Bhante talking about meditation. Durangama looking beatific… Chintamani Jonathan Weiss and others connecting with pain and anger. I was somewhere at the front recording the lecture at Pundarika - the Wheel of Life. Gotami. Vajrabodhi. Devaraja meditating next to his painting on the wall at Aryatara. Dhruva. Lokamitra. Ashvajit and others talking about mindfulness. Sulocana. Mamaki. Bhante in his mid forties, younger than most of the order now, and before he had his teeth done.”

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