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The Resurrection of FWBO Newsreel 2

On Wed, 4 June, 2014 - 10:53
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Continuing our re-release of Clear Vision’s FWBO Newsreels from the 1990s, we bring you Newsreel 2 (55 mins) released in spring 1992, with reports on
  • the FWBO in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney)
  • Order conventions
  • the launch of Facing Mount Kanchenjunga
  • major changes at the Croydon Buddhist Centre
  • Kalyanavaca’s ordination at Taraloka, and
  • a special feature on Sangharakshita’s January tour of India

​Over 20 years ago, Clear Vision was founded by Mokshapriya to produce professional video for the FWBO, later to become Triratna. As well as videoing talks by Sangharakshita and other Order members, it was particularly known for the twice-yearly FWBO Newsreels, posted to Centres around the world on big VHS cassettes. Watching these at Centre sangha nights was a regular communal activity.

The Newsreels came to an end in 2003 but this month has seen the release of the first of Clear Vision’s Triratna Newsbytes (47 minutes), twice-yearly online compilations of news video from around the world of Triratna, commissioned by the European Chairs’ Assembly.
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