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Rainbows in the Sky - a new piece of writing by Sangharakshita

On Fri, 2 February, 2018 - 11:32
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In this piece completed on 22 January 2018, Sangharakshita recalls rainbows from his childhood days through to his Going Forth in 1947 and most recently as appeared over Adhisthana on his ninetieth birthday. And he affirms the place of Padmasambhava - the Rainbow-bodied one - in the life of the Order from the very beginning, and explains that a remark he made in 2009 about a re-founding of the Order “can only be in the sense of making the original foundation stronger”.

This piece is open to all and can be read on Sangharakshita’s website: ‘Rainbows in the Sky’ along with other articles also written by him, including a recent one about ‘The Bodhisattvas are also necessary’.

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